In life, we often find ourselves tethered to the past—bound by limiting beliefs that tell us there’s never enough to go around. We inherit generational cycles of lack, unsure of when “enough” truly is. But what if we could break free from these chains? What if we could redefine our relationship with abundance and wealth? […]

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Embracing Abundance: Breaking Chains and Building Wealth Mindsets

Introduction Today I am thrilled to share with you the story behind my upcoming book, “Building Dreams: Finding Personal and Financial Freedom Through Healing,” set to launch in 2024. As I sit here with my laptop, a notebook, and a pen, surrounded by the tranquillity of a snowy forest, I am doing the final read-through […]

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Why I Wrote My Book: Building Dreams, Finding Freedom, and Sharing Resilience

Becky Hurley Building Dreams Book

2020. An unforgettable year for so many of us. A global pandemic, struggling economy, and worldwide turmoil for so many reasons. A lot of us struggled to comprehend how much bad a year could bring that we forgot to take a look at all the good, too. For Noah and I, this was definitely the […]

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The Unforgettable Year