About the
Building Dreams Co.

The Building Dreams Co. is a company dedicated to helping you achieve personal and financial freedom through entrepreneurship and self development. Through conferences, events, books and podcasts, we give you the tools you need to confidently build the life and career of your dreams.

Founded by Becky Hurley


Farm girl turned multi-million-dollar business mogul, Becky Hurley, is living proof that you can go through hard times and come out the other side. With a feminine flair to her gritty upbringing, she has set out to share a message of inspiration with the world. With a passion for dreaming big and bringing dreams to life, she loves to shine the light of hope for those looking to build their future of personal and financial freedom. Having faced years of trauma hidden behind closed doors in her childhood, Becky teaches her readers and audiences that you can go through challenging situations and go on to create a happy, healthy, prosperous life. She does this with her Building Dreams Co. conferences, courses and podcast by sharing many how-to’s of healing to reach ultimate levels of success and happiness.

Becky has been known to build dreams as well as subdivisions, commercial and residential rental complexes, and luxury, custom homes with her husband Noah, as the co-founders of Hurley Co. Real Estate and Investment Group. With an edge in real estate investing, Becky teaches her community how to make smart, power moves while maintaining wellbeing and fun.

From farm girl to teacher, to homebuilder, to real estate investor, to self-help educator, Becky shares her message through books, speaking engagements, podcasts and more. She also enjoys homesteading, farming, reading books, and chasing her own next dream. Becky resides on her farm in Wisconsin with her husband, Noah, and two children, Tesla and Jace. You can connect with and learn from her at hello@buildingdreams.co.