Introduction In the fast-paced world of business, stagnation is not an option. The failure to evolve can lead to obsolescence, or worse, being overtaken by competitors who are constantly pushing boundaries and adapting to new challenges. The Concept of Continuous Reinvention In a recent episode, I reflected on the necessity of continuous evolution in business. […]


Embracing Evolution: Success Through Continuous Growth

Introduction Greetings from Hurley Ranch in scenic southern Wisconsin! Today, I find myself nestled in a century-old barn, once a bustling dairy farm and now the heart of our own humble operation. As I reflect on my journey, I’m compelled to share insights into the mindset of a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Understanding the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur What […]


Unlocking the Mindset of a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Introduction Today I am thrilled to share with you the story behind my upcoming book, “Building Dreams: Finding Personal and Financial Freedom Through Healing,” set to launch in 2024. As I sit here with my laptop, a notebook, and a pen, surrounded by the tranquillity of a snowy forest, I am doing the final read-through […]

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Why I Wrote My Book: Building Dreams, Finding Freedom, and Sharing Resilience

Becky Hurley Building Dreams Book

Welcome, dream builders! Today, I am sharing a deeply personal and raw experience with you as I stand in my office on the day I’m moving out. This space, once a home design studio where dreams were built and sold, is now transitioning into a new chapter. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the emotions and insights that led me to make this change and explore the universal question of how to know when it’s time for a change.

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Embracing Change: A Personal Journey of Moving On

Welcome to the all-new Building Dreams Network, your go-to place where inspiration meets action to construct the life of your dreams. I’m Becky Hurley, and today I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes video as I move out of my office, a space filled with dreams, challenges, and the echoes of my journey. Join me as I unveil the deep, personal aspects of my life and share the transformative power of inner healing.

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Building Dreams: A Journey of Silence, Triumphs, and Inner Healing

Home Design Studio

Picture this: it’s winter in Wisconsin, the end of 2020, mid-pandemic, and you are having a record year for your small business. This was our reality. The positive result of a crazy year was a boom in our home-building business.

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From Burning Out to Building My Dreams

Scott Spaulding is a wildly successful entrepreneur who has practiced as a veterinarian in Rock County, Wisconsin for 25 years. As a farm kid from the area, Scott always had a passion for working with animals and livestock in particular. Contrary to how many practitioners view their work, however, Scott viewed his veterinary practice as […]


The Courage to Say ‘Yes’ with Scott Spaulding

No childcare and cloth diapers are two hills I would die on. At least, I would have before I had kids. Much like most soon-to-be parents, I had all of these ideas about things that would make me the perfect mom. Before I had kids, I lived in the mindset that I wouldn’t need childcare. […]

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Parenthood and Entrepreneurship

It all started with a road trip. Circa 2010, Noah and I were headed to Florida, and he had convinced me to read a book to him- out loud- the whole way. Noah’s pick was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” This road trip led us to start a different adventure, taking classes all over the United States for the next two years and starting to buy foreclosures.


How We Got Started in Real Estate Investing

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